Butterfield Overland Mail in Arkansas and Missouri

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The Butterfield Overland Mail in Arkansas and Missouri was created by the United States Congress on March 3, 1857, and operated until March 30, 1861. The route that was operated extended from San Francisco, California to Los Angeles, then across the Colorado Desert to Fort Yuma, then across New Mexico Territory via, Tucson and Mesilla, New Mexico to Franklin, Texas, midpoint on the route. The route then crossed Texas to the Red River and into Indian Territory to enter Arkansas at Fort Smith. Fort Smith was terminal where the secondary route that crossed Arkansas and across the Mississippi River to Memphis, Tennessee, met the main route that led northeast to Tipton with the final leg by train via the Pacific Railroad to St. Louis. The Arkansas and Missouri mail route was one division, the 8th under a superintendent.

Stations [1][edit]


Fort Smith to Memphis Route[edit]

Main 8th_Division Route[edit]

Arkansas Stations[edit]
Butterfield Overland Mail Route near Greenland, Washington County, Arkansas, in March 2011
Missouri Stations[edit]

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