Butterfinger (Canadian band)

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Origin Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Genres Alternative, rock
Years active 2001–2004
Website smoothlikebuttah.com
Members Dean Person
Tyler Penny
John Sanche
Damon Tupper

Butterfinger was a Saskatchewan-based Canadian alternative/rock band having released an independently recorded studio album.

Their song, "Breathe", won several awards including the national songwriting competition in conjunction with Canadian Music Week in 2001. Due to the success of Breathe, the band was inspired to work on a full-length album project, directed by Producer, Mixer, and Engineer Jared Kuemper.

Butterfinger was nominated for "Outstanding Rock Recording" at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2003.[1]

In November 2003, Butterfinger was awarded a VideoFACT grant to shoot a music video for the song, "Do You Feel". They were one of only 40 to receive the grant out of the 284 submissions. The video was produced by a Toronto film company called Firewatch Films.[2]

The band has not released any new music since 2004, and the band is currently inactive.

They are currently playing at the Saskchewan Rush Lacrosse game. Must not be completely inactive....


  • Dean Person - Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Tyler Penny - Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • John Sanche - Bass, Vocals
  • Damon Tupper - Drums, Vocals


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