List of butterflies of Pakistan

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The following is a list of the butterflies of Pakistan.

Famliy Papilionidae (Apollo butterflies and swallowtails)[edit]

Subfamily : Parnassiinae (Apollo butterflies)

Common Mormon
Common blue Apollo (Parnassius hardwickii)
Banded Apollo (Parnassius delphius)

Subfamily: Papilioninae (swallowtails, peacocks and mimes)

Common mime (Papilio clytia)

12 species of 4-5 genera belonging to this subfamily are found in Pakistan.

Old World swallowtail (Papilio machaon)

Famliy Pieridae (whites and yellows)[edit]

Subfamily: Pierinae (whites)

Subfamily: Coliadinae (yellows)

Colias erate, Taxila

Subfamily: Nymphalidae (brush-footed butterflies)[edit]

This huge family is represented in Pakistan by following 11 subfamilies:

Subfamily: Charaxinae (leafwings)

Subfamily: Apaturinae (emperors and allies)

Subfamily: Calinaginae (freaks)

Subfamily: Biblidinae (castors etc.)

Subfamily: Nymphalinae (nymphs, fritillaries, pansies, eggflies, etc.)

Genus Melitaea (small fritillaries)

Subfamily: Cyrestinae (maps)

Subfamily: Limenitidinae (sergeants, sailers, barons, etc.)

Subfamily: Heliconiinae (heliconians or longwings)

Subfamily: Danainae (milkweed butterflies)

Subfamily: Libytheinae (beaks)

Subfamily: Satyrinae (browns)[edit]

Family Lycaenidae (gossamer-winged butterflies)[edit]

Subfamily: Polyommatinae (blues)

Subfamily: Lycaeninae (coppers and sapphires)

Subfamily: Theclinae (hairstreaks and allies)

Family: Riodinidae (metalmarks)[edit]

Subfamily: Nemeobiinae (punches)

Family Hesperidae (skippers)[edit]

Subfamily: Coeliadinae (awls)

Subfamily: Pyrginae (spread-winged skippers: flats and angles)

Subfamily: Hesperinae (grass skippers: swifts and darts etc.)


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