Butterfly (Smile.dk song)

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Single by Smile.dk
from the album Smile
Released November 2, 1998
Format CD
Genre Bubblegum dance, eurodance
Length 2:57
Writer(s) Robert Uhlmann, Robin Rex
Producer(s) Robert Uhlmann, Robin Rex
Smile.dk singles chronology

"Butterfly" is a song by Swedish bubblegum dance group Smile.dk from their 1998 album Smile. It was written and produced by Robert Uhlmann and Robin Rex.

The song gained popularity outside of Sweden when it was included on the first version of Konami's music video game, Dance Dance Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix. In honor of its popularity, the song was remixed for the franchise's 2008 installment Dance Dance Revolution X, a mix primarily intended to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the series.[1]

In 2009, the song was re-recorded with Veronica and Malin doing the vocals. This version was released as a single on May 13, 2009 and is called "Butterfly '09 (United Forces Airplay Edit)".

The song is often incorrectly attributed to J-pop star Ayumi Hamasaki. This error may be due to the ambiency style, production and voice. Also, the voices of both singers are quite similar. The error may also be due to the song being incorrectly attributed to Ayumi Hamasaki and distributed via P2P networks in the late '90s. The song is also often mistakenly credited to Aqua, likely for the same reasons.

South African band Die Antwoord sampled the song in their hit "Enter the Ninja" having heard it on Dance Dance Revolution X.[2]

Music video[edit]

The music video starts with Smile.dk descending from the orange butterfly-shaped ship and on a mission to find two samurais. After finding the samurais, the girls take them to their ship.

Official remixes[edit]

  1. Anaconda Remix — 4:21
  2. China Power Mix — 1:48
  3. Delaction Radio Remix — 3:40
  4. Delaction Mix — 5:48
  5. Extended Mix — 4:21
  6. Hyper-K Mix — 3:23
  7. KCP Kung-Fu Mix — 1:34
  8. Pan-Ace Radio Mix — 3:00
  9. Romance Mix — 2:56
  10. S3RL Mix — 4:50
  11. United Forces Airplay Edit — 3:07
  12. Upswing Mix — 5:25
  13. Pika Pika Song; 4:42 (featuring Pikachu)


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