Butterfly Man

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Butterfly woman
Thai film poster.
Directed by Kaprice Kea
Produced by Tom Waller
Written by Kaprice Kea
Starring Stuart Laing
Napakpapha Nakprasitte
Music by Steve Bentley-Klein
Cinematography Mark Duffield
Edited by Atisthan Sangawut
William Watts
Distributed by De Warenne Pictures
GMM Grammy
Release date
6 December 2002 (Thailand)
Running time
95 minutes
Country Thailand/UK
Language English

Butterfly Man (Thai: ผีเสื้อร้อนรัก) is a 2002 Thai-British adventure-romantic drama film directed and written by Kaprice Kea and starring Stuart Laing and Napakpapha Nakprasitte.[1]


Napakpapha Nakprasitte as Em.

Adam, an English backpacker, breaks up with his girlfriend immediately after arriving with her in Thailand. He then strikes out on his own, leaving Bangkok for Ko Samui. There, he meets Em, a young masseuse. At first, their relationship is innocent, but Adam soon grows frustrated and starts hitting the bars and becoming a sex tourist, or "butterfly man", flirting from woman to woman. Meanwhile, the ugly side of Samui starts to reveal itself, with a human trafficking, slavery, and prostitution ring, run by British mafia exposed. Adam gets in trouble with the British mafia. Em helps him get away, so the British mafia beats her severely. Adam manages to escape via small boat, taking Em with him. They get married on the boat but then Em dies. He keeps his promise to take her body to her home village and ends up staying in Thailand.



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