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Butterfly vibrator with attached remote control

The butterfly vibrator is a clitoral sex toy featuring a vibrator body in the shape of a butterfly and straps attached to it for wearing on the waist and thighs;[1] the name of the vibrator was taken from the shape of a butterfly with wings providing the stimulation of clitoris and labia. It was invented by Joani Blank.

Butterfly style has become a quite popular sex toy design, since the shape of a butterfly allows the stimulation of the entire area of the female genitalia. Other designs, such as birds, flowers, and dolphins, have the same function.

Butterfly strap-on vibrators can be divided into several main groups:

  • Traditional butterfly - This is a hands-free vibrator with stretchable straps attached to the "wings" of the butterfly-shaped object to hold it in place. Attached to the clitoris, the butterfly is held by straps on the waist or thighs of the user for stable fit. The device is controlled with the help of a control panel with a wire or the control button or switcher on the body of the sex toy. Once being worn by the user, the device is activated and vibrates against the clitoris.
  • Remote control butterfly - This is a wireless butterfly strap-on that is turned on and off and regulated from a battery operated remote control panel. This type of clitoral stimulator is widely used in sexual foreplays. The partner can control the vibrations from the remote place in the room while choosing different intensities of vibrations.
  • Butterfly with anal and/or vaginal stimulators - This is a butterfly vibrator with a dildo or butt plug attached to the body. In some cases, there are both stimulators attached giving a user double penetration of the most sensitive erogenous zones: clitoris, anal and vaginal walls.

Butterfly vibrators are made from the normal sex toys materials: silicone, latex, jelly, plastic and some other.


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