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OriginLawrence, Kansas, U.S.
GenresIndie rock, indie pop, lo-fi
Years active1992–1997
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Butterglory is an American indie rock band from Lawrence, Kansas. Contemporaries of indie rock groups like Pavement and Archers of Loaf, the band helped explore similar musical territories [1] and expand the genre. The band released four albums with Merge Records.


Composed of Matt Suggs and Debby Vander Wall, it has been said that Butterglory feature "simple pop pleasures of strum-and-drone guitars, big snare beats, and hummable melodies." The band began in 1992 with the release of their Alexander Bends EP. They later found a home at Merge Records and released their first album 'Crumble' in 1994. This was followed by a collection of singles entitled 'Downed' in 1995. Adding bassist Stephen Naron and a variety of other players the group released the more developed 'Are You Building a Temple in Heaven?'.[2] The group's final record, 'Rat Tat Tat' was released on Merge Records in 1997.[3]

Matt Suggs now plays with White Whale.[4]


  • Crumble (1994)
  • Are You Building a Temple in Heaven? (1996)
  • Rat Tat Tat (1997)
  • Downed (1995)


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