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Butternut may refer to:

  • Butternut tree, Juglans cinerea, or its fruit
  • Butternut squash, an edible winter squash.
  • Butternut, a shade of yellow similar to khaki and the color of the butternut squash
  • Butternuts, Confederate soldiers who wore butternut-colored uniforms
  • Butternuts, Midwesterners of Southern descent in the antebellum United States; also sometimes used to refer to Northerners who supported the Southern cause during the Civil War; see "Copperheads (politics)"
  • Butternut Bread, a regional brand marketed by Flowers Foods
  • Butternut Candy, a defunct brand of chocolate candy bars with caramel and peanuts, made by Hollywood Candy Company
  • Butternut Coffee, a brand originally produced by the Paxton and Gallagher Wholesale Grocery, and later Swanson
  • Butternut doughnut, a flavor of doughnut
  • USS Butternut (YAG-60), a ship of the United States Navy

In geography[edit]