Butterworth Hospital (Eastern Cape)

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Butterworth Hospital
Eastern Cape Department of Health
Location Butterworth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Coordinates 32°19′57″S 28°08′18″E / 32.3325°S 28.1382°E / -32.3325; 28.1382Coordinates: 32°19′57″S 28°08′18″E / 32.3325°S 28.1382°E / -32.3325; 28.1382
Care system Public
Hospital type Community
Emergency department Yes
Website Butterworth Hospital
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Butterworth Hospital is a Provincial government funded hospital for the Mnquma Local Municipality area in Butterworth, Eastern Cape in South Africa.

The hospital departments include Emergency department, Paediatric ward, Maternity ward, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Psychiatric Services, Out Patients Department, Surgical Services, Medical Services, Operating Theatre & CSSD Services, Ophthalmology, Pharmacy, Anti-Retroviral (ARV) treatment for HIV/AIDS, X-Ray Services, Physiotherapy, NHLS Laboratory, Occupational Services, Oral Health Care Provides, Laundry Services, Kitchen Services and Mortuary.


Butterworth Hospital