Buttress, Saskatchewan

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Buttress is located in Saskatchewan
Location in Saskatchewan

Coordinates: 50°14′10″N 105°32′51″W / 50.23611°N 105.54750°W / 50.23611; -105.54750 (Buttress) Buttress was built in 1940 as the auxiliary airfield to RCAF Station Moose Jaw and its No. 32 Service Flying Training School. These fields were used for practice circuits and also as an emergency alternate.


A Relief Landing field for RCAF Station Moose Jaw was located approximately 6 Miles South of the main aerodrome. The Relief field was constructed in the typical triangular pattern. In approximately 1942 the aerodrome was listed at 50°15′N 105°33′W / 50.250°N 105.550°W / 50.250; -105.550 with a Var. 18 degrees E and elevation of 2000'. Three runways were listed as follows [1]

Runway Name Length Width Surface
6/24 2700' 100' Hard surfaced
12-30 2700' 100' Hard surfaced
18/36 3000' 100' Hard surfaced

Today the aerodrome is abandoned but the telltale British Commonwealth Air Training Plan triangle of runways is still visible from the air.

A review of Google Maps on 7 June 2018 shows a clear outline of the former triangular airfield and the coordinates stated above appear to be correct.

It is located on private land, 6 mi (9.7 km) south of CFB Moose Jaw, on the west side of Highway 2.

The Buttress Post Office opened on 1909-07-01 and closed on 1961-07-31.[2]


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