Buxton Heath

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Buxton Heath

Buxton Heath SSSI is a rare heath-with-fen site north of Norwich close to the village of Hevingham covering 67 ha (170 acres) TG175218. Nearest postcode is NR10 5QL OR 5QP. The heath is owned by the Hevingham Fuel Allotment Charity, but managed by Norfolk Wildlife Trust along with the volunteers of Buxton Heath Wildlife Group.[1][2]


The site supports valley mire surrounded by wet heath, this changes to dry acid heath as you progress up the valley sides. The site supports plenty of rare species such the silver studded blue butterfly, the marsh gentian and a variety of orchids. Reptiles including adder, grass snake, slow-worm and lizards are regularly seen in the summer. Other regular wildlife visitors include red deer, roe deer and muntjac, barn owls are regularly seen hunting over the site and other bird species of interest include crossbills, jack snipe and turtle dove.


In order to maintain the habitat much work is required. Currently, Norfolk Wildlife Trust are overseeing a restoration project of woodland and scrub clearance. Regenerating vegetation will be ideal for the rare silver studded blue butterfly.[3] The wildlife group cannot realise such big projects without vital continued clearance of gorse and birch from the heath and mire. This is cut and burnt on site. They also monitor the wildlife and have recently had a yearly pond digging exercise to encourage further diversity.


The site is open to the public and is accessible from the B1149 and A140 roads.


Coordinates: 52°44′59″N 1°13′12″E / 52.7496°N 1.2201°E / 52.7496; 1.2201