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Buyongwe is located in Burundi
Location in Burundi
Coordinates: 2°44′50″S 29°53′35″E / 2.74722°S 29.89306°E / -2.74722; 29.89306Coordinates: 2°44′50″S 29°53′35″E / 2.74722°S 29.89306°E / -2.74722; 29.89306
Country Flag of Burundi.svg Burundi
Province Ngozi Province

Buyongwe is a town in northern Burundi. It is located in Ngozi Province.

Located near the Akanyara Valley, the area is known for its peat and mineral extraction. The Office National de la Tourbe, a branch of the Burundian government, is responsible for peat production which is extracted in the area, and in 2005 unmined resources of peat were stated by the government to total around 36 million metric tons.[1]


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