Buzău Pass

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For other uses of "Buzău", see Buzău (disambiguation).
Buzău Pass
Elevation 642 m (2,106 ft)
Location Romania
Range Eastern Carpathians

Buzău Pass (Romanian: Pasul Buzău) is a mountain pass that follows the Buzău River and connects Braşov with Buzău over the Buzău Mountains, in the Eastern Carpathians in Romania.

This was one of the passes used by invaders, such as Turks and Tatars, to attack Transylvania. This is why the nearby region, known as Ţara Bârsei was settled by Teutonic Knights in the 13th century, who built fortifications, to be prepared against such an invasion. Nevertheless, many invasions were conducted through the Buzău Pass, including the Turkish attacks of 1421, 1432, 1438 and 1508 and the Tatar invasion of 1658.