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This article is about the yellow cartoon bird. For the snooker player, see Neal Foulds. For the ceremonial military headgear, see Busby. For The video game Bobcat, see Bubsy (series).
A badge featuring Buzby and his catchphrase
A badge featuring Buzby and his catchphrase

Buzby was a yellow (later orange) talking cartoon bird, launched in 1976 as part of a marketing campaign by Post Office Telecommunications, which later became British Telecommunications (BT).[1]


Buzby appeared in a series of television commercials with the catchphrase: "Make someone happy with a phone call".[2] Buzby's voice was provided by Bernard Cribbins.

The campaign spawned many marketing items, such as toys, badges, a comic strip in TV Comic, and books, and lasted until well into the 1980s. British Telecom produced and sold a "Buzby" wrist watch with Buzby perched on the second hand. The watch had a blue strap.