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Bozdar or Buzdar is a Baloch tribe of Rind (Arab) extraction.[1] "Buzdar" are originally "Rind" who migrated from "Central Asia" to "Halab" and "Halab" to "Seestan" and Seestan to "Sibi" and 'Gandawah" areas of "Balochistan" along with "Lashar" tribes. After breaking out of 30 year Civil war between "Rind" and "Lashar" tribes, "Buzdar" migrated and most of them came to the mountainous areas of "koh-e-Suleman" "Dera Ghazi Khan" district of, "Punjab" province.

They are usually graziers, and the name Bozdar is probably derived from Buz, the Persian name for goat.[1] Within the limits of their mountain home on the outer spurs of the Suliman hills they have always been a turbulent race, mustering about 2700 fighting men, and they were formerly constantly at feud with the neighbouring Ustarana and Sherani tribes.[1] In 1857 their raids into the Punjab drew upon them an expedition under Brigadier-General Sir Neville Bowles Chamberlain. The Sangarh pass was captured and the Bozdars submitted. Since Baluchistan has been taken over they have given but little trouble.[1]


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