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Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz

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Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz
Buzz Hollywood quiz cover.jpg
Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz game cover
Developer(s)Relentless Software
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Platform(s)PlayStation 2
  • EU: 19 October 2007
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer

Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz is the fifth installment in the Buzz! series of video games developed for the PlayStation 2 by Relentless Software. Players have to answer questions asked by the quiz master (the eponymous Buzz) using the four Buzz! remote controls.[2] There are two games available in the single player mode, which are Time Builder, where answering questions will gain time in the final round, and Hotseat, where players must answer as many questions as they can, using the time they accumulated in Round 1. To gain points, players must bank when appropriate. If they get a question wrong, they lose all the points they did not bank.


Hollywood Stars[edit]

Similar to 'Point Picker', players choose a category on a big wheel to determine the next questions to be asked. Then each player answers the question to earn points.

Fastest Finger[edit]

A photo clue appears on screen and players then have to buzz in with the correct answer as quickly as possible. The less time taken to answer, the more points that are awarded to the player.

Fact n' Fiction[edit]

The players are presented with a "true or false" type question. They then have to answer accordingly.

Top Rank[edit]

Players put four answers into the correct order as fast as they can to score points. When all players have made a selection, the correct order is revealed. Points are awarded based on speed of answering.

Pie Fight[edit]

The first contestant to answer a question correctly wins the chance to throw a cream pie at an opponent. Any player hit by a pie loses one of their two lives. Points are awarded in reverse order of elimination i.e. the last person to be eliminated wins more points than the person who was first to be eliminated.


Contestants get to choose a category to answer questions from. The contestant with the lowest score chooses first, followed by the contestant with the next lowest score. When the questions arrive, if a player gets one of their questions wrong, the points they could have won are put into a kitty. The next contestant to answer a question correctly will pick up all of the points in the kitty generated by other players wrong answers.

Point Stealer[edit]

A picture, a question and some possible answers are slowly revealed. Players must buzz in when they think they know the answer. If the answer is right, they get to steal 500 points from an opponent. If it's wrong, they are eliminated from the round.

The Final Countdown[edit]

The points that players have amassed during the previous rounds are converted into bars of time which gradually tick down. Answering a question correctly temporarily halts the countdown, but when a player's bar ticks down to zero, they are eliminated from the competition. Bonus time is awarded for quick answers, extra time is removed for incorrect quick answers. The object of the round is to be the last contestant standing, thus becoming the overall winner of Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz.


Greg Miller form IGN said Relentless Software could have just stuck with the same style as the previous games, but instead chose a new style that was an obvious change right from the very first menu. He praised the improvement of the characters, although their graphics still had a jaggyness about them, but admitted that this was probably more the cause of the PS2 holding the game back. In summing up he said the game was Deep, fun and more polished than previous Buzz! titles and scored it as 8.3/10[3]


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