Buzz!: The Mega Quiz

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Buzz!: The Mega Quiz
PAL boxart
Developer(s) Relentless Software
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
  • EU: 27 April 2007
  • NA: 30 October 2007
Genre(s) Party
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer

Buzz!: The Mega Quiz released as Buzz! The Maha Quiz in India was developed by Relentless Software and is the fourth game in the Buzz! series for the PlayStation 2, alongside Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam. Buzz! The Mega Quiz has over 5,000 questions.[1] Along with Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party, this was one of the first Buzz games released in North America, also the first game in the series to have a 12+ rating by PEGI.


Multiplayer Rounds[edit]

Point Picker[edit]

A little similar to the point builder in the other Buzz! games but players can choose the question topic.

Winner Stays On[edit]

In this round a question is asked and two pictures are also shown, once all the players have answered those who answered the question incorrectly are eliminated and the others are given points, this repeats until the questions have been asked four times or one or fewer players remain.

Fastest Finger[edit]

Similar to other Buzz! games. Players are given a question and the fastest player who gets it right, gets the most points. Second, third, and fourth places get fewer points, no points can be lost in this round.

Pie Fight[edit]

Is exactly the same as Hitman in Buzz!: The Big Quiz except a correct answer gives the player a chance to throw a pie at a fellow contestant.

Mystery Challenge[edit]

Half way through the game a mystery challenge comes on. It is a random selection from several games. They include horse racing, where players simply choose one of four horses to win a race, the result of which is random; duck shoot, where 4 rows of ducks are to be "shot" using the 4 coloured buttons on the controller; and "find the lady", like the famous street-corner scammers' game, 3 cards are dealt then quickly shuffled, players have to keep track of the Queen. Another game is "Fact or Fiction", where the host reads a statement and the players must choose if the statement is True or False.


Is a similar round to Buzz!'s world of sport in Buzz!: The Sports Quiz except players get to pick the location they want to go to if they answer the question correctly the fastest.

Top Rank[edit]

Players are asked a question and then asked to press down the buttons in the right sequence to get the question right. This round is similar to Who Wants to be A Millionaire's Fastest Finger round.

Point Stealer[edit]

In this round the player has the chance to steal points from their opponent if they buzz in and answer the question correctly.

Final Countdown[edit]

Buzz takes all of the players' points and replaces them with time. Players then continue to answer questions until only one player has any time left. This player is then declared the winner. The longer you take to answer the more your time drops, if you get the question wrong you lose another chunk of time, if you answer correctly the fastest, you'll get a chunk of time added, answer correctly but not fastest and nothing will happen to your time.

Single Player Rounds[edit]

Time Builder[edit]

In this round the player has 10 seconds to answer a question. If the player answers correctly, the remaining time will go towards use in the Hotseat. If the player answers incorrectly, he or she will receive no time at all.


Using the time earned in Time Builder, the player must answer questions. If answered correctly, the player will climb a point ladder.

Banking Points[edit]

Similar to The Weakest Link, In the Hotseat when the player climbs the ladder he can either press the buzzer to bank the points, or continue, giving the player more than double the previous number on the ladder. If the player however gets a wrong answer with points on the ladder, he/she will lose those points.


Rob Fahey in Eurogamer praised the quality and difficulty level of the questions, and the game rounds, except for the mystery rounds which he felt were random with their awarding of points and weren't much fun. Other than that he said that the balancing of the rounds and questions was arguably close to perfection and scored it as 9/10.[2] Aaron Thomas from GameSpot liked that way the game isn't just a race to see who can regurgitate a memorised answer quickly, but actually forces you to use knowledge in different ways and scored the game as 7.5/10.[3]


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