Buzz! Junior: Ace Racers

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Buzz! Junior: Ace Racers
Buzz Junior - Ace Racers.jpg
Developer(s) Cohort Studios
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Series Buzz!
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release PS2
  • EU: 24 October 2008
Genre(s) Party, racing
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Buzz! Junior: Ace Racers is the fifth and latest game in the Buzz! Junior series of party games. It was developed by Cohort Studios and released in 2008 for the PlayStation 2.[1]


GamesRadar scored the game as 3/5 and was happy with the variety of game types but criticised the racing mini-games and the "stuck record" announcer.[2] score the game as 8/10 and praised the mixture of games, the colourful graphics and the ease of play, but was undecided on whether it was a better than previous Buzz! Junior titles.[3]


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