Buzz!: Brain Bender

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Buzz!: Brain Bender
Buzz Brain Bender-282x483.jpg
Buzz!: Brain Bender cover
Developer(s)Curve Studios[1]
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Platform(s)PlayStation Portable
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer

Buzz!: Brain Bender, developed by Curve Studios for the PlayStation Portable, is the second game in the Buzz! series to be made for a hand-held console. Unlike other games in the Buzz! series Brain Bender is a puzzle game rather than a quiz game. The game features 16 mini-games covering four categories: Analysis, Observation, Memory, and Calculation[2][3] with each category having three levels of difficulty easy, normal, and hard.[4] The multiplayer aspect of the game is a customisable four-round match called Brain Battle.[4]


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