Buzz (magazine)

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Buzz Magazine Cover.jpg
A typical Buzz cover
Editor Luke Owain Boult
Categories Entertainment
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1991
Country Wales
Language English

Buzz is a monthly, advertising-funded, free listings magazine based in Cardiff, established in 1991. It has a small paid staff, but also generates content from unpaid contributors who get 'press passes to events and review copies of films, CDs and more' instead.[1] The magazine covers art, films, music, entertainment and dining in south Wales. It features a listings guide.

The magazine and its online arm also offer week long 'editorial and writing placements' which are 'unfortunately, unpaid but are very hands on' [2] as well as three-month unpaid internships on spin-off production company Buzz Productions. Applicants for internships are expected 'to be able to work well under pressure'.[3]

The magazine's online identity is It covers the same content as the magazine, with some additional material.


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