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Francis "Buzz" Watson is a fictional character appearing in TNT's two shows, The Closer and Major Crimes, and portrayed by Phillip P. Keene. He serves as a Civilian Service Coordinator, providing technical support to the Los Angeles Police Department's Major Crimes Division. His duties include filming crime scenes, and he runs the audio system in the interrogation room. He later starts training as a Reserve Officer in season 3 of Major Crimes and has started to take up those duties as well in season 4.

In The Closer[edit]

The character Buzz Watson first appeared in the second episode of the first season, "About Face". Originally a recurring role, as the series progressed the character's visibility increased until Buzz became one of the central characters. In one early episode, it was revealed that he has a stepfather who is Mexican and Buzz Watson speaks fluent Spanish. In the season 7 episode "You Have the Right to Remain Jolly", it was revealed he had a sister named Casey, who was played by Christine Woods.

In Major Crimes[edit]

From the beginning of the series, the character of Buzz Watson was part of the regular cast. In many first season episodes, he was assigned the role of watching over Rusty Beck to allow Rusty's guardian, Sharon Raydor, to focus on work; however, as the season progressed, Buzz came to accept Rusty and treated him like a younger brother, acting as a mentor to the teenager.[1] In "Risk Assessment" Buzz explains to Rusty that he became interested in police work when his father and uncle were murdered in a robbery. He wanted to become a police officer to track down their killer but his mother was afraid of losing him too so he went to film school instead and became the LAPD's Civilian Surveillance Coordinator instead of a police officer. He's later trained as a Reserve Officer during season 3 and went on his first ride-along in "Turn Down" in season 4 where he ends up helping the squad investigate a murder. It leaves Flynn and Provenza annoyed as his catching the murder causes them to miss a major Fourth of July Dodgers game. When asked, Provenza gives him a good score but with room for improvement as he made them miss a baseball game. Provenza offers to coach Buzz more on being an officer if Buzz teaches him about a new high-tech vehicle they used in the ride-along. Buzz isn't thrilled about teaching Provenza about the vehicle, but Provenza insists. While initially annoyed by Rusty Beck to the point that he's excited at the prospect of getting rid of him, Buzz eventually develops a close friendship with the boy. He supports Rusty when facing off against Daniel Dunn whose actions he is clearly shown to be vocally furious with. He also tutors Rusty when he's removed from school due to Wade Weller's threats and advises him to ask the members of the squad to tell him how they became police officers to show he's not self-centered. Rusty asks Buzz himself in the end and he explains his reasoning, revealing he wanted to be a police officer himself but didn't want to leave his mother with no one if he got killed. When Rusty is frustrated by his inability to find a story for his burgeoning journalism career, Buzz tells him there's one if he knows where to look, but doesn't elaborate further. He is shown to be pleased when Rusty realizes he's talking about Alice Herrera, a homeless girl who was murdered and never identified. During Rusty's blog Identity, Buzz occasionally aids Rusty's efforts by running the cameras when he interviews people at the police station for which Rusty credits him. Its revealed in one such blog entry that all the cameras he uses in his job are actually his own, not the LAPD's. After Rusty manages to identify Alice and find her brother, Buzz attends her funeral.


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