Bwe people

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Regions with significant populations
Kayah State, Burma
 Burma 15,700
Kayaw language, Bwe Karen language and Karenni language
Related ethnic groups
Karen people

The Bwe or Kayaw are an ethnic group present in Kayah State in Myanmar. Bwe region, Kyèbogyi area of Kayah state, Thandaunggyi Township, Kayin (Karen) state. Population 15,700 (1983). Language development Literacy rate in L1: Below 1%. Bible portions: 1857–1862. They speak several language which included karen, Karenni, Burmese. They deported to Thailand because of civil war in Burma. They were separating from one another. Dictatorship in Burma. They have a very strong connection and commitment to their own country, language, culture and people. Bwe people are now locating in the Karenni Refugee camp at section 1 . They are religion and mostly Batpists. They moved to America, Finland , Australia and Canada since 2006. They came to America for better life and to get education. Minority Right. If you see group of ethics that speak several languages . You notice that they are Bwe .

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