By-elections to the 28th Canadian Parliament

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By-elections to the 28th Canadian Parliament were held to fill vacancies in the Canadian House of Commons between the 1968 federal election and the 1972 federal election. The Liberal Party of Canada led a majority government for the entirety of the 29th Canadian Parliament, though their number did decrease from by-elections.

Fifteen seats became vacant during the life of the Parliament. Eleven of these vacancies were filled through by-elections, and four seats remained vacant when the 1972 federal election was called.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained
Assiniboia November 8, 1971 Albert B. Douglas      Liberal Bill Knight      New Democratic Party Death No
Central Nova May 31, 1971 Russell MacEwan      Progressive Conservative Elmer M. MacKay      Progressive Conservative Resignation Yes
Brant May 31, 1971 James E. Brown      Liberal Derek Blackburn      New Democratic Party Appointed a judge No
Chambly May 31, 1971 Bernard Pilon      Liberal Yvon L'Heureux      Liberal Death Yes
Trois-Rivières May 31, 1971 Joseph-Alfred Mongrain      Liberal Claude Lajoie      Liberal Death Yes
Lisgar November 6, 1970 George Muir      Progressive Conservative Jack Murta      Progressive Conservative Death Yes
Frontenac November 6, 1970 Bernard Dumont      Ralliement Créditiste Léopold Corriveau      Liberal Resignation No
Labelle November 6, 1970 Léo Cadieux      Liberal Maurice Dupras      Liberal Appointed Ambassador to France Yes
Selkirk April 13, 1970 Edward Schreyer      New Democratic Party Doug Rowland      New Democratic Party Resignation Yes
Comox—Alberni April 8, 1969 Richard J. J. Durante      Liberal Thomas Speakman Barnett      New Democratic Party Election declared void No
Nanaimo—Cowichan—The Islands February 10, 1969 Colin Cameron      New Democratic Party Tommy C. Douglas      New Democratic Party Death Yes

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