By the Sun's Rays

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By the Sun's Rays
Directed byCharles Giblyn
StarringMurdock MacQuarrie
Lon Chaney
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release date
  • July 22, 1914 (1914-07-22)
Running time
11 minutes
CountryUnited States

By the Sun's Rays is a 1914 American silent Western film featuring Lon Chaney. The film is now considered to be Chaney's earliest film that has survived.[1]


A gang of bandits rob several shillings of gold from a Colorado mine. A detective named John Murdock is asked to assist mine intendent John Davis by finding the culprits. The clerk Frank Lawler who is in love with Davis daughter Dora is rejected by the girl who instead is in love with the detective. After another shipment arrives Murdock arranges a posse. As he attempts to catch the bandits he is blinded by a light. He then discovers it is Lawler who uses a mirror signaling the bandits. After Lawler returns to the office he attempts to seduce Dora who pretends to flirt with the man to hold him off until help arrives. After the bandits are arrested the men return to the office. Lawler realizing that his allies are captured attempts to escape but is immediately shot dead by one of the men.



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