Byblos Wax Museum

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The Byblos Wax Museum is a wax museum in Byblos, Lebanon. This museum displays wax statues and life scenes from the Phoenician era to the modern times.

Some of the wax figures[edit]

Some of the nationalists that the Martyrs' Square is named after:

  • Abdul Karim al-Khalil
  • Abd el-Wahab al-Inglizi
  • Father Joseph Hayek
  • Joseph Bishara Hani
  • Mohammad and Ahmad Mahmassani
  • Omar Hamad
  • Philip and Farid el-Khazen
  • Sheikh Ahmad Tabbara

In addition, there are statues of public figures depicting Phoenicians manufacturing glass, building ships and producing purple dye, and a Lebanese wedding in the village.

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