Byeongsan Seowon

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Byeongsan Seowon
Korea-Andong-Byeongsan Seowon-01.jpg
A view of Byeongsan Seowon
Korean name
Hangul 병산서원
Hanja 屛山書院
Revised Romanization Byeongsan Seowon
McCune–Reischauer Pyŏngsan Sŏwŏn

The Byeongsan Seowon is a seowon located in the neighborhood of Byeongsan-dong, Yecheon-myeon in the city of Andong, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. Seowon is a type of local academy during the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1897). It was first established as Jondeosa (尊德祠) by local Confucian scholars especially Jeong Gyeong-se (鄭經世) in 1613, the fifth year of King Gwanghaegung's reign, to commemorate the scholarly achievement and virtue of the notable Confucian scholar and politician Yu Seong-ryong. The predecessor of the seowon was Pungak Seodang (淵岳書堂) which was an educational institution located in Pungsan to teach the Pungsan Yu clan during the Goryeo period. Yu Seong-ryong moved the seodang to the current place in 1572.[1][2][3]

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