Byfjorden (Rogaland)

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View of the southern end of the fjord
Byfjorden is located in Rogaland
Location in Rogaland county
LocationRogaland county, Norway
Coordinates58°59′47″N 5°41′35″E / 58.9964°N 5.6931°E / 58.9964; 5.6931Coordinates: 58°59′47″N 5°41′35″E / 58.9964°N 5.6931°E / 58.9964; 5.6931
Primary outflowsBoknafjorden
Basin countriesNorway
Max. length10 kilometres (6.2 mi)

Byfjorden is a fjord in Rogaland county, Norway. The 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) long fjord runs from the Tungenes Lighthouse at the northern end of the Stavanger Peninsula south along the east side of the peninsula to the city of Stavanger. It passes through the municipalities of Randaberg, Rennesøy, and Stavanger. The islands of Bru, Åmøy, Hundvåg, Buøy, Engøy, Sølyst, and Grasholmen lie along the east side of the fjord. The fjord connects to the Boknafjorden at the north end.[1]

The fjord is crossed by three roads. The Stavanger City Bridge and the Hundvåg Tunnel (both at the south end of the fjord) and the Byfjord Tunnel (at the northern end of the fjord).

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