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Coat of arms of Bychaw (Bychov; Bychaŭ).

Bykhaw (Belarusian: Бы́хаў, Łacinka: Bychaŭ, pronounced [ˈbɨxaʊ]) or Bykhov (Russian: Бы́хов, Polish: Bychów, Yiddish: Bihov‎ ,ביחאָוו, Lithuanian: Bychavas) is a town in the eastern Belarusian voblast of Mahilyow. It is located 44 km south of Mahilyow (Mahilyou) on the Dnieper River (Dniapro), and is the administrative center of the Bykhov Raion. As of 2009, its population was 17,031.[1]


In the early modern times Bykhaw was an important fortress known for hard battles.[2]

Bykhaw is known for its 17th-century synagogue. During World War II, the German occupation began on July 4, 1941. The Jews of Bykhov were killed in two mass shootings in September and November 1941. According to the German and Soviet archives, there were 4600 Jews from Bykhaw who were shot in Voronino.[3]


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