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Bynari, Inc.
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Bynari is a company based in Dallas, developing server and email software mainly known for its Insight Family containing a cheap email server being able to use similar to a Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook.[2]

Development of the products is a joint effort with various OEM partners.

Insight Family[edit]

Bynari's products support various email clients. Microsoft Outlook, Novell Evolution, and Mozilla Sunbird are used for groupware sharing with the current products.

Bynari’s products consist of:

Insight Server[edit]

Insight Server, formerly known as TradeXCH,[1] is mostly a suite of many open source applications using components of Cyrus IMAP,[7] Exim,[7] Postfix, Berkeley DB, OpenLDAP,[7] Apache,[7] and ProFTP.[7] Bynari has developed a web interface for administrating the different applications.[7]

It was the first commercial web server based on the open source software Kolab version 1.[8] A version based on Kolab 2 was canceled, because of Kolab's change of storing the data.[8] It also uses Spamassassin, Clamav, and AMaViS for security. It conforms to open standards: SyncML, GroupDAV, CalDAV, and WebDAV. The middleware products are developed by Bynari and provide groupware sharing with calendars, contacts, and tasks.

Insight Connector[edit]

The Insight Connector is a server which works like a Microsoft Exchange Server, but using IMAP and a Microsoft Outlook plugin.[1] The server also supports MAPI Message Store Provider and thus being able to edit and change the groupware-Data "live and online" using any IMAP server.[8] The server is also used by IBM serving over 4.600 companies.[9][10]


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