Byrd Glacier

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Byrd Glacier
Byrd glacier landsat.jpg
Byrd Glacier from Landsat
Map showing the location of Byrd Glacier
Map showing the location of Byrd Glacier
Location of Byrd Glacier in Antarctica
LocationRoss Dependency
Coordinates80°20′S 159°00′E / 80.333°S 159.000°E / -80.333; 159.000
Length136 km (85 mi)
Width24 km (15 mi)
TerminusRoss Ice Shelf

The Byrd Glacier is a major glacier in Antarctica, about 136 km long and 24 km wide, draining an extensive area of the polar plateau and flowing eastward between the Britannia Range and Churchill Mountains to discharge into the Ross Ice Shelf at Barne Inlet. Its valley below the glacier is the lowest point not to be covered by water on Earth which reaches 2,780 m (9,121 feet) below sea level.[1] It was named by the NZ-APC after Rear Admiral Byrd, US Navy, American Antarctic explorer.

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Coordinates: 80°20′S 159°00′E / 80.333°S 159.000°E / -80.333; 159.000

Area map of Byrd glacier.