Byron–Bergen Central School District

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Byron-Bergen Central School District
Bergen, New York
Genesee County, New York
 United States
District information
Motto Challenge, Engage, and Nurture
Grades PreK-12
Superintendent Mickey Edwards
Schools 3
Students and staff
Athletic conference Section V
District mascot Bees
Colors Maroon and Gray          
Other information

Byron-Bergen Central School District is a school district in Bergen, New York. Mr. Mickey Edwards is the superintendent of the bees. The district operates two schools: Byron-Bergen Junior-Senior High School and Byron-Bergen Elementary School.


Founded in 1955, it is the combination of two school districts in Byron and Bergen, small towns in western New York State. The District encompasses 77 square miles in a rural, agricultural area.

Selected former superintendents[edit]

  • Mr. J. Dennis Kirst–?-2000
  • Dr. Gregory C. Geer–2000–2009
  • Dr. Scott G. Martzloff; 2009–2011
  • Ms. Loren Penman (interim) 2011-2012
  • Mr. Casey Kosiorek 2012-2016
  • Dr. Jon Hunter (interim) 2016 -2016

Byron-Bergen Junior-Senior High School[edit]

Byron-Bergen Junior-Senior High School
Principal Patrick McGee
Grades 7-12
Hours in school day 6
School fees Public School

Byron-Bergen Junior-Senior High School is located at 6917 West Bergen Road and serves grades 7 through 12. As of 2016, the principal is Patrick McGee.

Selected former principals[edit]

Previous assignment denoted within parentheses

  • Mr. Edward F. Bishop–1988-2000 (Vice Principal - Waterloo High School)
  • Mr. Norman Fagnan–2000–2001
  • Ms. Donna Schalge–2001–2002
  • Mr. Frank Del Favero–2002–2003
  • Mr. Dave Pescrillo; 2004–2009
  • Dr. Aaron Johnson; 2009-2015
  • Mr. Patrick McGee (interim); 2015 - 2016
Mr. Patrick McGee; 2016- present

Western New York Tech Academy[edit]

Byron-Bergen Elementary School[edit]

Byron-Bergen Elementary School
Type Public, Coeducational
Principal Brian Meister
Grades Pre-K-6
Hours in school day 6

Byron-Bergen Elementary School is located at 6917 West Bergen Road and serves grades PreK through 6. As of 2013, the principal is Mr. Brian Meister.


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