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Byron Chung is a Korean actor who has guest-starred in several television series and mainstream films.[1] Some of his notable roles include appearances in television shows such as Temperatures Rising, The Streets of San Francisco, The Fantastic Journey, four episodes of Baa Baa Black Sheep, The Rockford Files, Salvage 1, seven episodes of M*A*S*H, Hunter, Gabriel's Fire, The Agency, The West Wing, Alias, and four episodes of Lost. He was a regular, playing PROBE Control technician Kuroda, on early episodes of the 1972 TV series Search, and appeared in the pilot film for that series, Probe. Most recently he appeared on an episode of Dark Blue where he played a nefarious, upscale Korean mobster.



2008 Lost, les disparus - Saison 4 Episode 12 Mr Paik

2006 Lost, les disparus - Saison 3 Episodes 2 - 18 Mr Paik

2004 Lost, les disparus - Saison 1 Episode 17 Mr Paik

2003 Alias - Saison 3 Episode 12 Colonel Yu

1990 Rick Hunter - Saison 7 Episode 6 Sam Woo

1984 Supercopter - Saison 2 Episode 13 Hua

1977 Les Têtes Brûlées - Saison 2 Episodes 3 - 5 Cpt. Tomio 'Tommy' Harachi

1976 Les Têtes Brûlées - Saison 1 Episodes 17 - 24 Cpt. Tomio 'Tommy' Harachi

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