Byron Heights

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Byron Heights
Highest point
Elevation497 m (1,630 ft)
Prominence497 m (1,630 ft)
Coordinates51°25′29″S 60°33′53″W / 51.42472°S 60.56472°W / -51.42472; -60.56472Coordinates: 51°25′29″S 60°33′53″W / 51.42472°S 60.56472°W / -51.42472; -60.56472
LocationFalkland Islands, South Atlantic Ocean

Byron Heights is a mountain rising to 497 m (1,630 ft)[1] at the northwest extremity of West Falkland, Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. It is situated 11.65 km (7.24 mi) southeast of Hope Point.

The mountain's top is occupied by RRH Byron Heights (Remote Radar Head Byron Heights) of the British Forces South Atlantic Islands (BFSAI),[2] part of an early warning and airspace control network including also RRH Mount Alice on West Falkland and RRH Mount Kent on East Falkland.


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