Bytków TV Tower

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Coordinates: 50°17′45″N 19°00′31″E / 50.29583°N 19.00861°E / 50.29583; 19.00861

Bytkow TV Tower

Bytków TV Tower is a 110 metre tall RadioTV tower in Siemianowice Śląskie, Poland, on the border with Bytków, an urban part of Katowice. Bytków TV Tower, situated at 50°17′45″N 19°00′31″E / 50.29583°N 19.00861°E / 50.29583; 19.00861, has a unique design: it consists of a concrete tower as its base, with the appearance of a thin high-rise building with a square cross section. On the top of this concrete tower, there is a horizontal steel cross turned at an angle of 45 degree to the sides of the concrete tower. At the ends of the crossarms, which are equipped with gangways, the antenna mast on its top is guyed. Bytków TV Tower is not accessible for visitors and is used for directional radio services, FM- and TV-transmissions.

Transmitted programmes[edit]

Program Frequency Transmitter power
PR EURO Polskie Radio S.A. 95,90 MHz 0,10 kW
Polskie Radio Katowice 101,20 MHz 1 kW

Digital Television MPEG-4[edit]

Multiplex Programmes in Multiplex Frequency  
Channel ERP 
Polarisation Antenna Diagram
around (ND) /
directional (D)
Modulation FEC
MUX 3 634 41 20 Horizontal ND 64 - QAM 5/6

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