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Birth name Kim Go-eun
Genres Pop
Years active 2002–present
Labels JYP Entertainment
Spring Entertainment
Associated acts JYP Nation
Korean name
Revised Romanization Gim Go-eun
McCune–Reischauer Kim Ko-ŭn
Stage name
Revised Romanization Byeol
McCune–Reischauer Pyŏl

Kim Go-eun (Korean: 김고은), known by her stage name of (Byul, "star"), is a South Korean singer.


It was announced at the end of January 2009 that Primary, her fifth album, would be released the following month. Teaser posters were distributed in 7-11 stores.[1]

Personal life[edit]

On 15 August 2012, it was announced that she was to marry South Korean singer, actor and cast of the variety show Running Man, Haha on 30 November 2012.[2]


Korean albums[edit]

  • Byul Vol. 1 - December 32 (2002)
    1. 12월 32일 (December 32)
    2. 왜 모르니 (Why Don't You Know)
    3. 별의 자리 (A Star's Place)
    4. 여기까진거죠 (Up to Here?)
    5. Don't Leave Me
    6. 바보같이 (Like An Idiot)
    7. 얼마나 사랑하는지 (How Much I Love You) (feat. )
    8. 마음과 다른 말 (Saying Something Different From What Your Heart Feels)
    9. 그가 멀어질 때 (When I Am Further Away From You)
    10. 잊을 수 없네요 (I Can't Forget You)
  • Byul Vol. 2 - Star (2005)
    1. 별 (別) (Star)
    2. 다른 사람 (Another Person)
    3. 안부 Byul (별) (Safety)
    4. 내 남자의 여자친구 (My Guy's Girlfriend)
    5. Saving My Best For You
    6. 이젠 내게 (Now to Me)
    7. 나쁜 저주
    8. 2 + 1
    9. 각자의 길 (Our Own Ways)
    10. 고마워할게요 (I'll Be Thankful)
    11. I Think I
    12. I Love You
    13. 나를 봐요 (Look At Me)
    14. 끝 (End)
    15. 안부 [Bonus Track] [Instrumental]
  • Byul Vol. 3 - Lachrymal Glands (2006)
    1. 아무렇지 않게 (As nothing)
    2. 눈물샘 (Fountain of tears)
    3. 괜찮은 오늘 (feat. MC 몽)
    4. 우린
    5. 슬픈 건망증
    6. 큐피트
    7. Forever love
    8. 그대라는 사람은
    9. Stay by my side
    10. 버려야 할 것들
    11. 만나러 가는 길 (feat. Double K)
    12. 곁에서만 들리는
    13. 설레임
  • Byul Vol. 4 - Her Story (2007)
    1. 미워도 좋아
    2. 연애의 정석 (Feat. Tk)
    3. 열한번
    4. 물풍선(12월32일 그 이후…)
    5. 세상의 반 (Feat. Hoody)
    6. 단꿈 (드라마 `오버더레인보우` Ost)
    7. Yes I Am
    8. 투정
    9. 잊혀진 것들에 대해서
    10. 서툰 기대
    11. 마음이 (영화 `마음이` Ost)
  • Byul Vol. 5 - Like A Star: Primary (2009)
    1. 6년동안
    2. 행복하자
    3. 드라마를 보면
    4. 안녕
    5. 화풀어줘
    6. 허밍 (Feat.테이 Tei)
    7. 니가 떠난다 (Feat.박장근 Park Jang Keun)
    8. 울리지마
    9. 비키니
    10. I Love U
    11. 말해요
    12. Kiss Day
    13. Hymn

Digital Single[edit]

    1. You Are The Best (넌 최고야) (2013)

Original soundtrack[edit]

Television appearances[edit]

Though she has not had many appearances outside of music programmes, she has made special appearances on the South Korean variety shows Happy Together. She has also been a guest to Running Man Ep. 251, being partnered with her husband, HaHa. The couple also won the final mission, receiving a pair of star-shaped golden rings


  • SBS Gayo Daesang New Artist Award (2002)