Ruthenian Catholic Eparchy of Parma

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Eparchy of Parma
Eparchia Parmensis Ruthenorum
Country United States
Ecclesiastical province Pittsburgh
- Catholics
(as of 2009)
Parishes 36
Denomination Byzantine Catholic
Established February 21, 1969 (48 years ago)
Cathedral Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Eparch Vacant see (sede vacante); Bishop (Eparch) John Michael Kudrick's resignation was accepted by Pope Francis on Saturday, May 7, 2016, and Archbishop (Archeparch) William Charles Skurla, of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh for the Ruthenians was appointed as Apostolic Administrator of the Byzantine Eparchy of Parma.[1]
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The Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma (Latin: Eparchia Parmensis Ruthenorum) is the Catholic eparchy (diocese) governing most Ruthenian Catholics in the midwestern United States. Its headquarters are at 1900 Carlton Road, Parma, Ohio. The Eparchy is currently a sede vacante (vacant see) following the retirement of Bishop (Eparch) John Kudrick, which was accepted by Pope Francis on Saturday, May 7, 2016.

The Eparchy was erected February 21, 1969. Its first bishop was Emil Mihalik. Currently, the Eparchy has 37 parishes under its canonical jurisdiction, which are located in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio. Ten parishes in the Youngstown, Ohio area are part of the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh.


The eparchy was erected as the Eparchia Parmensis Ruthenorum on February 21, 1969 by Pope Paul VI.[2][3][4] On March 22, 1969, Father John Mihalik was appointed as its first ordinary.[5] He was consecrated as its eparch by Archbishop Stephen Kocisko on June 12, 1969.[5][6] On May 30, 1983, Father Andrew Pataki was appointed as the Auxiliary Bishop of the Eparchy of Passaic and consecrated by Kocisko on August 23, 1983 with the title of Titular Bishop of Telmissus.[6][7] When Mihalik died on January 27, 1984 Parma's see became sede vacante.[2][5] Pataki was appointed as the eparch on June 19, 1984 and was installed on August 16, 1985.[7]

The eparchy lost ecclesiastical territory on December 3, 1981 when the Eparchy of Van Nuys was erected.[2][8]


The following bishops have been appointed as ordinaries of Parma eparchy.[2]

  1. Emil John Mihalik † (March 22, 1969 – January 27, 1984)
  2. Andrew Pataki † (June 19, 1984 – November 6, 1995)
  3. Basil Myron Schott, O.F.M., † (February 3, 1996 – May 3, 2002)
  4. John Michael Kudrick (July 10, 2002 – May 7 2016)


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