Byzantine and Christian Museum

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Byzantine and Christian Museum
Βυζαντινό και Χριστιανικό Μουσείο
1822 - Byzantine Museum, Athens - The Villa - Photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto, Nov 12 2009.jpg
Established 1914
Location Vassilissis Sofias Avenue,
Athens, Greece
Type Byzantine Art museum
Public transit access Logo of the Athens Metro Operating Company (AMEL).svg Athens Metro Line 3.svg Evangelismos station

The Byzantine and Christian Museum (Greek: Βυζαντινό και Χριστιανικό Μουσείο) is situated at Vassilissis Sofias Avenue in Athens, Greece. It was founded in 1914 and houses more than 25,000 exhibits with rare collections of pictures, scriptures, frescoes, pottery, fabrics, manuscripts and copies of artifacts from the 3rd century AD to the late medieval era. It is one of the most important museums in the world in Byzantine Art. In June 2004, in time for its 90th anniversary and the 2004 Athens Olympics, the museum reopened to the public after an extensive renovation and the addition of another wing.

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The gallery is situated on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue 22, down the street from the Hilton Athens. It can be reached with the Athens Metro at the Evangelismos station.


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