Byzantine chain

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Close up on the chain maille bracelet
Byzantine weave chain mail bracelet in silver-plated copper rings and green aluminium rings

A Byzantine chain is a metal intricate design used in jewelry that incorporates a rope-like texture and organic textural design. The chains are supple and flexible, and drape well. The origin of the name Byzantine is not known.[1]

The chain is a 4 in 1 chain meaning that each link passes through four others. It is a variation on the Box chain whose links point in a constant direction, unlike Byzantine whose links alternate in direction.

The pattern has also been called 'Etruscan', 'Birdcage', 'Fool's Dilemma', 'Idiot's Trap', 'Idiot's Delight', and 'Bird's Nest'[1] but Byzantine is the most common name.

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