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Bzhedug or Bazdug (Adyghe: Бжъэдыгъу Bz̄edyğw /bʐadəʁʷ/; Russian: Бжедуги Bžedygi) are one of the twelve tribal divisions of the Adyghe Circassians.

Many of them emigrated to Turkey in the 1860s, but there is still a community of Bzhedug on the left bank of the Kuban River (in the vicinity of Krasnodar).[1] The Bzhedug people live in Adygea and Krasnodar Krai, and are well represented in the Adyghe (Circassian) diaspora in all countries of residence. Even in ancient times the Bzhedug people were divided into four tribes.


Originally lived in the area of river Shahe, between Tuapse and Sochi. Later they divided in 2 groups: those who lived close to the black Sea (Abhiaskis) and Adygeans (territory of Kuban river). This migration was causes by overpopulation and warlike neighbors to their Black Sea’s territories. Bzhdugs were subdivided on Chechenay tribe (river Psequps and Psish) and Hamish tribe (river Afips and Psequps). They were involved in cattle breeding and agriculture, growing mostly crops and corn. Bzhedugs speak their special dialect. It is at present closest to that of Temirgoy tribe.


The Bzhedugs people speak a dialect (Adyghe: Бжъэдыгъубзэ Bz̄edyğwbze) of the Adyghe language.

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