Bzyb Range

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A place where the Gagra Range comes most closely to the Bzyb Range is called Stone Sack and is a popular tourist attraction. One can see mountains of both ranges overhead. This is a view from the Stone Sack to the lower stream of the Bzyb River.

Bzyb Range (Abkhaz: Агеишьха, Ageish'kha; Georgian: ბზიფის ქედი) is a mountain range in Abkhazia on the southern slope of the western part of Greater Caucasus.

The Bzyb Range's length is about 50 km and elevation is up to 3,033 m, it is made mainly of limestone with pronounced karst landscape. It is bounded by the valley of the Bzyb River from the north and west and partially by the valley of Kelasuri River, which separates it from the Abkhaz Range.

One of the attractions is the Snowy Cave (ru:Пещера Снежная), the most speleologically complex in the whole former Soviet Union.

Coordinates: 43°20′13″N 40°35′17″E / 43.33694°N 40.58806°E / 43.33694; 40.58806