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Native to Turkey, Abkhazia
Region Bzyb River
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog bzyb1238[1]
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Bzyb (also spelled Bzyp) is a major dialect of Abkhaz, spoken in the Bzyb River region of Caucasus and Turkey. It is also named after the river.[2]

It differs from standard Abkhaz mainly in terms of phonology. It shares the [ɕʷ] and [ʑʷ] sounds with the Sadz dialect, and the [t͡ɕ], [d͡ʑ], [t͡ɕʼ], [ɕ], [ʑ], [χˤ], and [χˤʷ] sounds are unique to Bzyp. Standard Abkhaz (which is based on the Abzhywa dialect) lacks these sounds.

The Bzyp consonant inventory appears to have been the fundamental inventory of Proto-Abkhaz, with the inventories of Abzhywa and Sadz being reduced from this total, rather than the Bzyp series being innovative.

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