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Founded December 1996
Area served
Hong Kong, Taiwan, People's Republic of China
Products imported food, stationery, household goods
Number of employees
citysuper in Harbour City
cooked Deli in PopCorn2, Tseung Kwan O
LOG-ON Store in Maritime Square

Citysuper, officially stylised as C!ty'super, is a well-known retail chain in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan. As well as its core format of upmarket supermarkets selling fresh produce and groceries, some Citysuper retail outlets also offer household goods, stationery and cosmetics, and many Citysuper stores are also accompanied by cafes and restaurants. Citysuper specialises in upmarket specialist products and luxury imported groceries, which differentiates it from other supermarkets that operate across Greater China. As of October 2015, Citysuper has about 15 locations in Hong Kong,[1] 7 in Shanghai[2] and 6 in Taiwan.[3]

Cultural impact[edit]

Citysuper specialises in imported produce and holds regular promotional events to popularise imported goods which are otherwise unknown or unavailable in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Taiwan. In particular, due to its connections with Japan (it was founded by a Japanese retail manager working in Hong Kong), Citysuper holds promotional events for regional produce from specific regions of Japan, such as "Okinawa Fair"[4] or "Shizuoka Fair".

Citysuper's imported and specialist produce is known for being expensive, and the chain has been called "elitist".[5] Its high-end fruit is a popular choice for gift-giving during Chinese festivals.[6]


Citysuper was previously owned by Wheelock & Co, and is now majority owned by Wheelock subsidiary Wharf, and partly by Peter Woo Kwong-ching. At the time of the sale of the minority stake to Woo in 2004, the company was valued at HKD 38.9 million[7]


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