Cándido Antomattei

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Cándido Antomattei
GenresAfro-Cuban jazz, Latin jazz, salsa, mambo
Occupation(s)singer, director, guitar maker
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1950s~1960s
LabelsTumbao Cuban Classics, Combo Records, Ansonia Records, Peer International, La Plata Records, Faison Records, Puchito
Associated actsArsenio Rodríguez

Cándido Antomattei is a Puerto Rican music and Latin Jazz singer, guitarist, and guitar maker of Puerto Rican origin. He became a member of Arsenio Rodríguez's band in Havana, Cuba in the early 1950s. The band itself is considered to be one of the first founding bands of musical genres such as "Mambo", and "Salsa". It is also said that Arsenio Rodríguez himself is the true creator of mambo. Cándido has performed with Arsenio from his last years in Cuba through to his arrival in Spanish Harlem, New York City in 1953.

As it is currently known, Cándido is featured on seven of Arsenio's albums as a main vocalist. Often, he appears alongside another vocalist René Scull, who is Arsenio's cousin and a founding member of the first Arsenio Rodriguez conjunto. In addition to these albums, Cándido Antomattei also has two albums of his own. On his album Candido Y Las Super Estrellas, Cándido acts as the singer and director. Likewise, the albums feature Arsenio Rodríguez in the band.


Arsenio Rodríguez y su Conjunto releases
Record Company: Seeco (es), New York, New York
Recorded April 2, 1953
78 rpm: RCA Victor 23-6734
45 rpm: RCA Victor 51-6734
Side A: "Mambo en la Cueva" ("Mambo in the Cave"), Jesús "Tata" Gutiérrez (w&m)
Side B: "Acerca el Oído" ("Give Me Your Ear"), Arsenio Rodríguez (w&m)
René Scull (né Domingo René Scull; born 1921) or El Barroso (vocal)
Arsenio Rodríguez (tres)
Cándido Antomattei (guitar)
Edil Rivera & Luis Berríos Serratta (trumpets)
Ray Coen (piano)
Lázaro Prieto (bass)
Raúl Travieso (né Raúl Travieso Scull) (bongo)
Israel "Kiki" or "Quiqui" Rodríguez (né Israel Moisés Enrique Travieso Scull; 1917–1979) (congas), brother of Arsenio and Raúl and cousin of René Scull
Note: Rodríguez was a stage name for Arsenio and Israel, and was part the maiden name of their mother, Dorotea Rodríguez Scull (died 1956)
  • 1957: Sabroso y Caliente
    Puchito MLP 586 (LP)
    Rumba Records, Antilla LP-ANT-586, MLP-586

(Venezuela) (1978)
Sabroso y Caliente (CD) Antilla CD-586 (US) (1982)
Sabroso y Caliente (LP) Antilla MLP-586 (US) (1982)
Arsenio Puchito (white label) SP 105

OCLC 27296827

Selected singles
  • 1957?: Luís "Wito" Kortright, Julián Llanos, Cándido Antomattei (vocals)
    Puchito 393-A: "Carraguao Alante," by Emma Lucía Martínez; Matrix ICD 45-139 A
    Puchito 393-B: "Hay Fuego En El 23," By Emma Lucía Martínez; Matrix ICD 45-139 B
    Hecho en Cuba por Impresora Cubana de Discos S.A.
Cándido Antomattei releases
Other releases
  • 1953: "Cuban Classics Vol. XIII": Arsenio Rodríguez, Chano Pozo, Estrellas Juveniles (Re-issue 2001) Label: [WS Latino] 4218

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