Cássia Eller (1994 album)

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Cássia Eller
Cassia Eller 2 Album Cover.JPG
Studio album by Cássia Eller
Released 1994
Genre Rock
Length 48:58
Label PolyGram
Producer Guto Graça Mello
Cássia Eller chronology
O Marginal
Cássia Eller
Cássia Eller ao Vivo

Cássia Eller is an album by Brazilian singer Cássia Eller,[1] released in 1994.


Cássia Eller was recorded in the personal studio of Guto Graça Mello, without the knowledge of PolyGram. This happened because the two previous Cássia albuns (Cássia Eller and O Marginal) failed to reach commercial success, and Cássia was decided to resign of the label. The album received a big influence from Marisa Monte's album Verde, anil, amarelo, cor de rosa e carvão, that Cássia heard as nursed her son, Chicão.

In accord of the singer herself, Cássia Eller was her first job with a preproduction work. Initially, the claim was that the new disc had only rewrites, but some unpublished musics finished part of this (as "Malandragem" and "ECT"). Highlights the initial range, "Partners", that had some differences with respect to the original recording, made by the group RPM in the 80's.

It was the first Cássia Eller album to sell more than one hundred thousand copies, in addition to being the last to be released in the LP format. Nowadays, this LP copies are few, because the dissemination of this disc was very small in vinyl disc.


No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Partners"   Paulo Ricardo/Paulo (PA) Pagni/Luiz Schiavon 4:25
2. "Malandragem"   Cazuza/Roberto Frejat 4:10
3. "E.C.T."   Nando Reis/Marisa Monte/Carlinhos Brown 3:48
4. "Try A Little Tenderness"   Harry Woods/Jimmy Campbell/Reg Conelly 4:18
5. "1º de Julho"   Renato Russo 4:30
6. "Na Cadência do Samba"   Ataulfo Alves/Paulo Gesta 3:15
7. "Lanterna dos Afogados"   Telmo Perle Münch/Herbert Vianna 3:25
8. "Coroné Antonio Bento"   Luiz Wanderley/João do Vale 3:19
9. "Metrô Linha 743"   Raul Seixas 2:52
10. "Socorro"   Arnaldo Antunes/Alice Ruiz 4:20
11. "Blues do Iniciante"   Roberto Frejat/Dé/Guto Goffi/Maurício Barros/Cazuza 4:01
12. "Música Urbana 2"   Renato Russo 3:14
13. "Pétala"   Djavan 3:09
Total length:

Guest Appearances[edit]