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The main Character : Cedric
Publication information
Publisher Dupuis (French)
Cinebook (English)
Format Ongoing series
Genre Humor
No. of issues 3 (in English)
29 (in French)
Creative team
Created by Laudec & Cauvin
Written by Cauvin
Artist(s) Laudec
Cedric cover.jpg
Country of origin Belgium
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52
Running time 20 min.
Production company(s) France Animations
Distributor PorchLight Entertainment (US Version)
Original network France 3
Rai 2
Rai 3
Rai Gulp
Super RTL
Original release 2001
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Cedric is a Franco-Belgian comics series written by Raoul Cauvin, illustrated by Laudec and published by Dupuis in French and Cinebook in English.

The adventures of a young rascal, his family and his school. A hero close to the hearts of all children, funny yet tender at the same time. It is hard, very hard to be a little boy... between the mistress, the school shrink, nosy parents, rowdy pals, an odious niece, and a temperamental girl friend, Cédric finds it hard to keep his tranquillity. For the better part of it, granddad is always at hand, be it when badly hit or to hit badly. This children's new star is already a classic family comic which appeals with pleasure to all audiences.

Since 1989, 23 albums have been published by Dupuis. Cédric is one of the most popular French language comics according to the list of best selling new comics of the ACBD, with e.g. in 2006 alone 288,900 albums, putting Cédric at the fourth spot.[1] By 2008, Cédric had dropped to the 8th position, still selling 273,000 copies that year.[2] A series of animated cartoons based on the comic have been produced as well.


  • Cedric is a boisterous little boy arriving at his new school in the first volume. He quickly meets Christian, his best friend, and Miss Nelly, his teacher whom he falls in love with. He lives with his grandfather and his parents with an often tensed atmosphere between his father and his grandfather (on his mother’s side). Regularly, his mother does not cook so his irritated grandfather threatens to leave for the hospital ... Cedric is a very bad student since he is in love with Miss Nelly. Whenever he has to show his grades to his father, he finds a trick to go out and play with his friends. In all the volumes or episodes he has a fight with someone.
  • Marie-Rose, Cedric’s mother. She is a housewife and regularly tries to avoid arguments with her husband and her father. She loves Cedric, even though he sometimes puts it in all its forms. She knows how to be strict with her son, for example when he has to walk his neighbor’s dog.
  • Robert, Cedric’s father and is an Oriental rug salesmen. He met his wife in his shop and he resents his father-in-law. He is often angry and shouts, especially when Cedric brings back his grades. But he can give good advice to his son when it is most needed.
  • Cedric’s grandfather, is the father of Marie-Rose who hates his son-in-law and he’s not hiding it. He doesn't really like the fact that he is a carpet seller. He often threatens to go to the hospital if he is not treated properly. He says Robert is a seller of "mats", which really irritates him. He shares a great complicity with Cedric, his grandson: Always telling him stories of his youth, but he can commit blunders sometimes. For example, once, Cedric is aware of the financial difficulties of his parents. He will therefore seek employment in all businesses in the city to earn money, even though he’s only eight years old!. His grandfather often gives him advice based on his own experience.
  • Chen Liaoping, a Chinese girl who arrives at the school in the third volume. Immediately, Cedric falls in love with Chen and becomes gently possessive and jealous if another guy comes up to her or to him to talk about her. Chen is annoyed by Cedric but still considers him as her friend. She often plays jump rope with a bunch of girls. Cedric does everything to please her but she doesn’t seem to be aware of it. Nicolas d'Aulnay des Charentes du Ventou is also charmed by her. And as he is rich, he does not hesitate to offer any tremendous presents: horse riding, evening dress... But Chen is indifferent with all the boys.
  • Christian, Cédric's best friend. He helps him in trying to obtain Chen's affections.
  • Nicolas, a wealthy schoolboy who is Cedric's rival and talks to Chen which makes Cédric jealous.
  • Miss Nelly, Cedric's teacher. She loves Cedric a lot, but whenever he hasn't read his lessons, she becomes very angry and she punishes him.
  • Stephane, another Cedric's schoolmate.
  • Lily is the new eccentric girl who soon falls in love with Cedric.
  • Yeti, Cédric's proud and arrogant cousin. Her real name is actually Yolanda.
  • Sophie, a friend of Chen.
  • Laurent, a comrade of Cedric. His parents divorce in the episode 61 Le Divorce.
  • Valérie, a friend of Chen.
  • Adeline, a friend of Chen and the sister of Christian. She wears a bow and a pink t-shirt.
  • Jean-Bernard, a student. He has a flat-cap orange.
  • Julien, a student.
  • Manu, a friend of Cedric. He has a flat pink cap, black hair and a white waistcoat He likes watching TV.
  • Caligula, the dog of Mrs. Bertrand.
  • Tibère, the dog of Nicolas. He has a moustache.
  • Aunt Martha, Cedric's evil aunt.


  1. Premieres classes 02/1989
  2. Classes de neige 08/1989
  3. Classe tous risques 05/1990
  4. Papa a de la classe 03/1991
  5. Quelle mouche le pique ? 02/1992
  6. Chaud et froid 01/1993
  7. Pépé se mouille 03/1994
  8. Comme sur des roulettes 11/1994
  9. Parasite sur canapé 10/1995
  10. Gâteau-surprise 11/1996
  11. Cygne d'étang 08/1997
  12. Terrain minets 08/1998
  13. Papa, je veux un cheval ! 08/1999
  14. Au pied, j'ai dit ! 07/2000
  15. Avis de tempête 07/2001
  16. Où sont les freins ? 04/2002
  17. Qui a éteint la lumière ? 11/2002
  18. Enfin seuls ! 11/2003
  19. On se calme ! 11/2004
  20. J'ai fini ! 11/2005
  21. On rêvasse? 11/2006
  22. Elle est moche ! 03/2008
  23. Je veux l'épouser ! 03/2009
  24. J'ai gagné ! 03/2010
  25. Qu'est-ce qu'il a ? (2011)
  26. Graine de star (2012)
  27. C'est quand qu'on part ? (2013)
  28. Faux départ ! (2014)
  29. Un look d'enfer ! (2015)
  30. Silence, je tourne ! (2016)

English translations[edit]

Cinebook has started publishing Cedric since 2008.[3] Five albums have been released so far:

  1. High-Risk Class - Sep 2008 ISBN 978-1-905460-68-7
  2. Dad's Got Class - Sep 2009 ISBN 978-1-84918-003-0
  3. What Got Into Him? - May 2011 ISBN 978-1-84918-081-8
  4. Hot And Cold
  5. Grandpa Dives In

Cartoon series[edit]

In 2001, French TV channel Canal J started broadcasting the animated series based loosely on the comics. The same series started twenty days later on France 3 as well, and reissued in 2011 on France 5 in Zouzous. Until now, 104 episodes of 13 minutes each have been made, with 52 more to come.[4] 12 DVDs have been produced so far. In 2005, PorchLight Entertainment dubbed the series in American voices and released them to DVD through Genius Entertainment.


  • The Pilot - Cedric's grades are falling down, and so he joins a music class, just to impress Jen and also go around the world with her.
    • Extra Silly Song: The Water Buffalo Song - Cedric shows up with a large cowboy hat over both of his eyes and sings about a water buffalo and how we got it. Suddenly, Nicolas, making his cartoon debut, enters the scene and angrily yells at Cedric, when no one had a water buffalo. At the end, Cedric sings about a chocolate bunny and how we got it, which makes Nicolas run to him and tackle him.
  • In Style - Cedric wants to fit in by styling himself. His idea of ear piercing though, could get him grounded!
  • I Want to Marry Her - Cedric wants to marry Chen, and so he and Christian give her a cassette player.
  • My Cousin, Yolanda - Cedric's cousin Yolanda visits.
  • Tiberius Versus Caligula - Nicholas is stealing Jen with his dog, and Cedric borrows his neighbor's mutt. It seems as though Nicholas and Cedric will have to compete to see whose dog is "best in show".


From 2002 on, a series of 23 books about Cédric have appeared in French in the Bibliothèque rose.


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