Cédula de identidad (Costa Rica)

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Costa Rican identity card
Cédula de identidad
Cedula de Costa Rica.JPG
Cédula de identidad of Costa Rica (Costa Rican National Identity Card - Front)
Issued by Costa Rica
Valid in Costa Rica
Type of documentIdentity card
PurposeProof of identity
Eligibility requirementsCosta Rican citizenship

In Costa Rica, in recent years, a cédula de identidad, has been a credit card-sized plastic card. On one side, it includes a photo of the person, a personal identification number, and the card's owner personal information (complete name, gender, birth date, and others), and the user's signature. On the reverse, it may include additional information such as the date when the ID card was granted, expiration date of the ID card, and other such as their fingerprints, and all the owner's information in matrix code. Every Costa Rican citizen must carry an ID card immediately after turning 18.

The cards may include several security measures, including the use of ultraviolet coating.

In the near future in Costa Rica, the cédulas de identidad will also be used in the digital signature process.