Céline Bara

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Céline Bara
Celine bara DMC 212.jpg
Céline Bara in 1998
Born (1978-09-09) 9 September 1978 (age 41)
Antony, France
Height168 cm (66 in)
Spouse(s)Cyrille Bara

Céline Bara, née Céline Szumigay,[2] (9 September 1978) is a French retired pornographic film actress.


Céline Bara was born in Antony and grew up in the Parisian region. Her mother is of Mauritian origin [2] and she also has a German grandfather.[3] According to her own account, she received a catholic fundamentalist education. She later rejected this upbringing and became a militant atheist.[4] She married her cousin Cyrille Bara and worked for a time as a hostess in a Darty store, then started performing in pornographic films after finding out that she could make more money in this line of work.[5] In 2000, she was nominated for the Hot d'Or for Best New French Starlet.[6]

She performed for several French porn companies, but she and her husband eventually created their own studio, with Cyrille Bara directing the films.[5] However, their small company was soon heavily in debt.[7]

In March 2001, Céline and Cyrille Bara assaulted one of their colleagues and competitors, porn actor-director HPG, whom Cyrille Bara wounded with a shotgun. Both spouses were arrested a few days later and, in October 2002, sentenced to four years imprisonment, including two years of probation.[8]

After their release, the Baras, unemployed and heavily indebted, lived from welfare benefits.[3][5] They eventually settled in Ariège, where Céline Bara found occasional work as a stripper.[9] They eventually started shooting new pornographic videos, which they distributed for free on their website.[10][11] Céline Bara published in 2007 an autobiographical book, La Sodomite, co-authored with her husband. In 2011, she was portrayed by her husband in a hentai-style comic featuring BDSM themes.[12]

In 2012, after applying unsuccessfully to the French Communist Party and the New Anticapitalist Party for candidacy in the legislative elections, Céline Bara and her husband created their own political party, a far left group called the Antitheist and Libertine Movement, of which themselves and a friend were the only three members.[5] She then ran for parliament in Ariège on an "anti-capitalist" and "anti-religious" platform, presenting herself as a communist and "neo-stalinist" candidate. Her husband was also her running mate.[5][10] Her candidacy attracted the French media's attention, thanks also to a program which included banning all religions, defending LGBT rights, legalizing drugs and sterilizing disabled people at birth.[13][14] She eventually received 1.58% of the votes in Ariège.[15]

In September 2012, Céline Bara announced that she was putting an end to her career as a porn performer.[16]

On February 8, 2013 she was declared ineligible for a period of three years by the Constitutional Council of France for not having deposited her campaign returns.[17]


  • 2007 : La Sodomite,[18] co-authored with Cyrille Bara (ISBN 978-2-9530330-0-7)


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