Céloron de Blainville

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Céloron de Blainville is a French family of officers and colonial administrators, who notably played a role in New France beginning in the 17th century.


Famous Céloron de Blainville family are :


The way of writing Céloron de Blainville is often wrong especially in modern documents :

  • "Céloron" (or often Celoron in texts in English) is often miswritten "Celeron" ou "Céleron", because of confusion with the Intel Celeron chipset of 2002.
  • "Blainville" is often miswritten "Bienville", because of confusion with the name of the New France hero Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville.
  • So the writing "Celeron de Bienville" is common on the Internet but wrong.


From the family Céloron de Blainville, came :


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