César Castellanos (pastor)

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César Castellanos is a Christian pastor from Bogotá, Colombia and the founder of the Misión Carismática Internacional.[1] He is also a former member of the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia.

Castellanos is noted as the leading proponent of the G12 Vision, which is based upon the mentoring of 12 disciples. He believes the number 12 to be the number by which God will work within the church. He has stated that he was inspired to create the discipleship program after he had received a vision from God in 1983.

He began his church with only eight people in the living room of his house and six months later there were six hundred members.[citation needed] He eventually used the major auditoriums and stadiums in different cities to hold services of the Mission Charismatic International (MCI). The G12 Movement has spread throughout the world with Castellanos. MCI one of the largest churches in South America, with more than 200,000 members and more than 45,000 Cell Groups in the City of Bogotá.

Castellanos is the author of several books, including Dream and You Will Win the World, Ladder of Success, The Revelation of the Cross, and Touching the Father's Heart.


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