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César "Vampiro" López (born March 19, 1968, in Guadalajara, Mexico) has formed part of several well-known bands of the Latin American world, including Maná, Azul Violeta and Jaguares.

He currently plays with Monoplasma[1][2], and the project "COMBO[3][4]" with singer Jorge Guevara from Elefante and Mauricio Claveria from La Ley on the drums.

He was a member of Maná from 1991 to 1994. With Maná, he recorded the hit record ¿Dónde Jugarán Los Niños? ("Where will the children play?") in 1992. Many Latin Americans know his name from the song "Me Vale" which begins with the phrase "Echale Vampiro" ("Play it Vampire!"). He left Mana and began to play again with his band Azul Violeta, with songs like Solo por hoy and Tu luz[5] among others.

He started playing with Jaguares in 1998 and can be heard on the records Bajo el azul de tu misterio (1999), Cuando la sangre galopa (2001), El primer instinto (2002), Crónicas de un laberinto (2005) and 45 (2008) . For [45] the group won a Grammy Award[6] for "Latin Album Best Alternative / Rock" and two Latin Grammys: "Best Rock Album" (for 45) and "Best Rock Song" (for Entre tus Jardines).[7] Jaguares separated in 2010, with the reintegration of the band Caifanes (which includes Jaguares' vocalist, drummer and keyboardist). Jaguares has announced an upcoming concert in 2019 in Monterey, Mexico[8].

Lopez has participated in various musical projects, recording and playing concerts as a guest. He has played at times with Belanova, and was part of their live album "Canciones para la Luna" in 2013. He has played with Los Concorde, Monoplasma, Pastilla, Gerardo Enciso and El Tambor de la Tribu y Melanismo.

In 2014 he joined Cristian Castro's rock group, La Esfinge, and they released one album "El Cantar de la Muerte[9]" the same year. The single was called Beso Negro[10].

He recorded the music video Alchemy by Raven Quinn (featuring George Lynch) [11] in 2018.

Lopez is a vegetarian and has appeared in campaigns for PETA.[12]


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